Happy Birthday to Bono!!!

Happy birthday to the legendary Bono of U2!!! I grew up listening to U2 and I still have many of their albums in constant rotation. Seriously excited to see them again later this month on U2ieTour. And, to quote myself previously: I have great respect for Bono and his passion for music as well as how passionate he’s always been in regards to causes he believes in external to the music world. In ’88 when Bono wrote one of my favorite songs, “When Loves Comes To Town” for B.B. King, King said to Bono: “real heavy lyrics, you’re mighty young to write such heavy lyrics”... (I was lucky enough to get to see Bono & Edge perform the song with B.B. King once, which I never thought I’d get to see.) That heavy passion Bono has always implemented into his songs and performances is what I’ve always connected to most with U2.

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