about lindsey best

Featured Photographer in Southern California Life Magazine

Thanks to Southern California Life Magazine for featuring me in their July/August issue!

 Lindsey Best
Lindsey Best is a photographer and artist based in Los Angeles. Whether she’s shooting halfway across the globe for a commercial client or on a local editorial job, she’s known for capturing the feeling of an experience. Fascinated by the human condition, she brings life and emotion to her subjects. With a diverse portfolio of fine art landscapes, entertainment and event photography, portraiture, and more, Lindsey finds the common threads that connect us. For more of her work, go to Lindseybest.com or find her on Instagram at @lindzbest.

Judging an All Female Photographers Competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina

I am so honored and excited to be the judge of an incredible photo competition taking place amongst female music photographers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a female photographer who started off when I was quiet young, I was always so excited when I would see another female photographer out there in such a predominately male driven environment. Creating an environment that is also supportive for women and girls is so important to me. One of the national TV stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina did an article about my participation in the competition, which you can see below. (photo of me by Kat Kaye)

Interview in Voyage LA

Thanks to VoyageLA for the interview and feature on my work! Check it out below or HERE

Thanks to Tony Di Zinno for the portrait of me.

Podcast Interview for On My Couch!

Check out this podcast interview I did for On My Couch! where I talk about my work and process as well as what my favorite word is and some other funny business. Lots of laughs. Thanks to Avery Kentis for the thoughtful and funny interview. Teaser clip below, link to the full podcast here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/on-my-couch!-episode-7-lindsey/id1155257003?i=1000375849209&mt=2

Popular Photography Feature

Popular Photography did a story on me called "Two Years Out: Sound and Vision" for their April issue of Popular Photography On Campus. If you don’t have access to the magazine, check it out full screen below! 

“I have always been more interested in showing what an experience felt like rather than just showing what something looked like. I think every image is made up of the base layer of data and literal information-- but I always want my images to go beyond that layer, and show the emotional experience of what a moment feels like. [...] Photography lets you take an experience and express it in such a way that it is felt as a human story, and not just specific to one individual person or situation. As human beings we all tap into the same emotions, and as an artist I love the challenge of translating those emotions into visuals.”

EnFlight Design Interview "Capturing More than a Moment in Time: An Interview with Photographer Lindsey Best"

EnFlight Design recently interviewed me regarding some of my work. I really enjoyed this interview and am excited to share it! Check out the full interview "Capturing More than a Moment in Time: An Interview with Photographer Lindsey Best" HERE: http://buff.ly/1QmDCYq