These images are all made in camera, shot on a 4x5 large format camera using sheet film, and utilize personally hand made dark slide masks.

The inspiration for these images and the creation of the dark slide masks came from a concept that is predominate in a large amount of American Post Modern literature and French Absurdist literature post World War II. This concept speaks to the idea that ultimately there is a limitation (or fragmentation) that occurs with language and human interaction that prohibits us from fully understanding one another. I'm fascinated by the inherent isolation and loneliness that spawns from the information that is lost in translation during the journey from one's brain, to one's verbal expression, to another person's groundwork for interpretation. 

A camera is a recorder of information-- we introduce light, texture, and shapes, and in return we get an image that communicates to the viewer what we present to the camera. The black areas of these images are representative of information that has been lost from the beginning stages of light, texture, and shape, to the last stage in the form of a complete image-- mimicking the information that is lost in human communication and language. Each square represents information that is trying to come together to communicate a complete expression but ultimately fails.

I chose to mask these images in camera as opposed to various other options because I want the information to be unrecorded and lost, not just edited out.